WIN | WIN Rewards

Congratulations on receiving your WIN | WIN Reward.
Please activate your voucher code by the expiry date mentioned on your voucher to select and claim your reward.

Login and choose your reward

WIN | WIN Rewards
  • • To claim a gift, please log on to and enter the unique voucher code mentioned on your voucher by the expiry date shown on the voucher.
  • • Choose you reward.
  • • Once the request is successfully processed, follow the on-screen instructions for printing the voucher from the website transmission. This MUST be done before leaving the website to avoid losing the claim for the reward.
  • • In the event that there are difficulties printing a voucher, contact WIN | WIN on the customer information line 1850 35 45 55. Please note you may be requested to send in a stamped addressed envelope to receive your reward voucher.
  • • Take the voucher to the selected outlet and redeem it for the offer in accordance with the voucher terms and conditions.
  • • The voucher is only valid at the specific reward that is listed on it and will be retained on arrival at the reward venue.
  • • Please note that some vouchers must be pre-booked with the outlet.